Recent Courses

Recent Edgar Fellows Courses

Representative syllabi are available for course titles that are linked.

HONR 203 (Honors Seminar in the Social Sciences)

  • Negotiating Intercultural Relationships (Spring 2014), Meredith Harrigan, Department of Communication
  • Social Scientific Perspectives on Subjective Well-Being (Spring 2013), Steve Derne, Department of Sociology
  • Cigarettes and Smoking in American Life (Fall 2011), Mike Oberg, Department of History

HONR 204 (Honors Seminar in the Fine Arts)

  • Shakespeare on Film (Spring 2014), Melanie Blood, Departments of English & Theater
  • The Artist in the Third Reich (Fall 2012), Anne-Marie Reynolds, Department of Music
  • Social Action Theater (Fall 2011), Melanie Blood, Departments of English & Theater

HONR 205 (Honors Seminar in the Sciences)

  • Touring the Quantum World (Fall 2013), Kurt Fletcher, Department of Physics
  • Forensic Geology (Spring 2012), Dori Farthing, Department of Geological Sciences

HONR 206 (Honors Seminar)

  • Humanities and the Experience of Disaster (Spring 2014), Joe Cope, Department of History
  • Women in Central & Eastern Europe (Fall 2013), Cynthia Klima, Department of Languages & Literatures
  • The Civil War Historical Novel (Fall 2013), Alice Rutkowski, Department of English
  • History of Japanese Religion (Fall 2012), Steve Bein, Department of Philosophy
  • Poetry and Aesthetic Experience (Spring 2012), Rob Doggett, Department of English
  • Plagues, Epidemics, and the Body Politic (Spring 2012), Tom Greenfield, Department of English
  • Digital Humanities (Spring 2011), Paul Schacht, Department of English
  • Money and the Moral Imagination (Fall 2010), Harry Howe, School of Business, Accounting

HONR 207 (Honors Seminar in Diversity, Pluralism, Difference)