Edgar Fellows Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee


Lisa Meyer, Department of Sociology
Faculty Committee Members:
Melanie Blood, Departments of English and Music
Shuo Chen, School of Business, Department of Economics
Ganie DeHart, Department of Psychology
Scott Giorgis, Department of Geological Sciences
Meredith Harrigan, Department of Communication
Carly Herold, Department of Political Science
David Levy, Department of Philosophy
Kathryn Mapes, Department of History
Michael Masci, Department of Music
Michael Mills, National Fellowships & Scholarships
Wendy Pogozelski, Department of Chemistry
Aaron Steinhauer, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Student Committee Members:
Noah Coates, Class of 2019
Shannon Curley, Class of 2020
Julia McGaugh, Class of 2021
Madeline Miller, Class of 2022
Jacob Reid, Class of 2022
Lucien Sigal, Class of 2019
Helen Warfle, Class of 2020
Olivia Witmarsh, Class of 2021