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Student Teaching in Australia

SUNY Geneseo Teacher Candidates interested in a student teaching experience in Queensland, Australia through SUNY Cortland should contact the School of Education Office of Field Experiences.  An Out-of-Area application through the Office of Field Experiences is required.  This application includes a minimum GPA of 3.0, faculty recommendations, and an essay.

For the most up-to-date information on the student teaching experience in Australia, please visit the SUNY Cortland web page.  This includes program cost, accommodations, and faculty advisor.

Program Information

All applicants will participate in the Australia Student Teaching program from mid-June through mid-September.  This counts towards one of two student teaching placements required at SUNY Geneseo.

To fulfill the second student teaching placement, candidates will have the choice to be registered for:

  • Spring: U.S./N.Y. student teaching placement will take place Mar-May before Australia student teaching.


  • Fall: U.S./N.Y. student teaching placement will take place Oct-Dec after Australia student teaching. 

Application Process

SUNY Geneseo requires that candidates apply for student teaching the year prior to the intended student teaching semester.  Be sure to attend the Student Teaching Application meeting.  

In addition to SUNY Geneseo application materials, ALL components of the SUNY Cortland Australia Student Teaching Application  are due by the deadline.  Application components include:

  • Application - pg. 2&3
  • Two Confidential References - pg. 4&5
  • Official Transcript  
  • Professional Experience Resume - pg. 6
  • Supplemental Teacher Education Application - pg. 6
  • Approval Signature Page - pg. 7

Applicants must also return completed Judicial Review and Code of Conduct

Submission Instructions:

  • SUNY Cortland students submit all of the above application materials to the SUNY Cortland International Programs Office.
  • Non-Cortland students submit all of the application materials to the home campus office indicated on approval signature page (page 7).

Travel Information

Flight information will be available at the first orientation meeting.

Special Note:

Copy of passport is required.  You are advised to apply for a passport well in advance.  If you already hold a passport, it must be valid during the entire duration of the student teaching experience.