Bloodborne Pathogens/Infection Control

Bloodborne Pathogens/Infection Control

Tuberculosis, Bloodborne Pathogens (HIV, HBV, HCV) and other contagious diseases

SUNY Geneseo recognizes that its greatest assets, the students, faculty and staff are among the populations with low, but still measurable, occurrences of HIV, HBV, HCV and Tuberculosis, MRSA and various influenzas.  

To reduce the possibility of spread of these and other disease causing pathogens, the campus has developed an Exposure Control Plan.

Cleanup of vomit is not without risk to the custodians or others involved.  A procedure for vomit in campus buildings was developed to protect all campus personnel.

Additional information on these and other diseases is available at Lauderdale Student Health and Counseling Center or the CDC website. 

Information on Sharps Shelters

What is a Sharps Shelter?  A Sharps Shelter or Sharps Container is a container, usually made of hard plastic, used for the disposal of used needles and syringes so needles don't pierce it.  Improperly discarded sharps can be dangerous!

Where can I find these on campus?  In general, sharps shelters are located in the restrooms located closest to the main entrance of a building.  See below for exact locations.  Additionally, portable sharps shelters are also available for student use, obtained from the Lauderdale Health Center.  Have questions on other Regulated Medical Wastes?

 sharps shelter



(room number)

Allegany R.H., first floor

1301, 1303

Bailey Hall

 24K, 1st Floor restrooms near Room 120

Blake  First floor (100 level) restrooms Blake A

Brodie Hall, first floor

0149, 0150

Brodie Hall, second floor


Clark Service Building

117C, 117B


 1st Floor restrooms near Room 236 and across Room 201

Erie R.H., first floor

C103, C104

Erwin Administration Building, first floor

114, 113

Fraser Hall, ground floor

109A, 111A

Genesee Hall, first floor

C101, C103

Integrated Science Center, first floor

108, 109

Jones, R.H,. first level

103A, 125A

Letchworth Dining Hall, ground level

105, 106

Livingston, R.H., first level

103, 115

MacVittie College Union, second floor

211, 203

Mary Jemison Dinning Hall, first floor

101, 106

Merritt, lower level locker room

147, 157

Milne Library, 2nd floor

under construction

Monroe, R.H., first floor

107, 108

Nassau R.H., lobby level

233, 234

Newton Lecture Hall, mall level

217A, 218A

Niagara R.H., entrance level

234, 235

Onondaga R.H., entrance level

211, 212

Ontario R.H., first floor

1301, 1303

Putnam R.H., first floor


Red Jacket Dining Hall, upper level

209, 210

Saratoga Commons Building

110, 111

Schrader Hall, main floor

108, 127

South Hall, first floor

126, 127

Steuben R.H., first level

114, 115

Sturges Hall, first floor

under construction

Suffolk R.H., lobby level

233, 234

Wadsworth Auditorium, ground floor

4A, 6A

Wayne R.H., entrance level

221, 222

Welles Hall, first floor

120, 127

Wyoming R.H., first floor

1301, 1303