Report a Safety Risk

SUNY Geneseo strives to make its campus as safe and risk-free as possible for all students, employees, and visitors. Many laws, policies, and regulations apply to college programs, operations, and activities, and this Safety and Risk Reporting form can help the College effectively address potential non-compliance. Employees may use it to ask questions or anonymously report possible violations.

Reports can be made without fear of retribution. College policy prohibits retaliation against individuals who report compliance issues in good faith. Individuals are strongly encouraged to discuss concerns with co-workers, supervisors, or professors prior to reporting a concern.

You may report a concern in several ways:

Use this form to report safety or risk issues, such as:

  • Failure to follow environmental regulations or laws (Example: My co-worker dumped hazardous waste down the drain.)
  • Actual or perceived threat to health and safety (Examples: My professor didn’t warn me about the hazards of what I was doing, and I got injured; I don’t have the necessary tools or equipment to perform my job safely.)
  • Physical conditions (Examples: loose stair tread, uneven sidewalks, asbestos)
  • Actions of others (Examples: Someone put me in an unsafe situation by welding without a screen; a staff member drove too fast; someone didn’t follow an established policy or regulation.)

Do not use this form for the following issues:

Reporters/complainants are encouraged but not required to leave their name and contact information should additional information be necessary. Reports are handled in confidence but are not anonymous unless requested to be so.

Do not use this form to report an immediate threat to life or property. If you require emergency assistance, call University Police at 911 or 585-245-5222.