Internal Control: Report Fraud

Report Fraud


SUNY Geneseo is committed to ensuring its funds and other College resources are used in a proper and efficient manner. The hotline is intended for faculty, staff, students, and others to report suspected fraud, waste, abuse or irregular activities. These activities include improper transactions, such as suspected thefts, losses, misuse or inappropriate action involving money, property, supplies, travel or attendance.

If you suspect fraud, waste, abuse, or irregular activities within the College, you may report these allegations to the College Controller in the following ways:

In all cases, please provide as much detail as possible concerning your specific concerns along with any relevant information you can provide. You do not need to provide your name; however, you may want to provide your name and contact information in the event additional questions arise. All information will be treated as confidential to the extent permitted by law. You should also know that retaliation against anyone who has made a report in good faith under this process is strictly prohibited. Intentional use of this process to make false allegations may subject the maker to disciplinary action.

All allegations and concerns submitted will be reviewed by a College committee who will then determine the appropriate action to be taken. Due to confidentiality concerns, it may not be possible to inform users of the process or outcome of any investigation or other action taken. 

Concerns about other matters should be brought to the attention of the following:

  • Personnel matters - Human Resources Department  (585) 245-5616
  • Academic misconduct - Dean of Students or Office of the Provost, accordingly  (585) 245-5706
  • Unlawful activity - University Police
  • Electronic information security / Internet abuse - CIT -