Learning Outcomes for Fine Arts

F/Fine Arts:

This requirement is fulfilled through courses in the fine arts designed to enlarge the capacity of students to respond sensitively, imaginatively, and intelligently to aesthetic events and art objects.  This goal is accomplished by following two paths, emphasizing theoretical and practical matters.  The former path, represented principally by lecture courses, seeks to develop skills in the perception, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of existing artworks as produced by performing, visual, or cinematic artists; the latter path, represented principally by studio courses, seeks to develop skills in the creation of new, or the performance of existing artworks.  Implicit in either approach is the study of both the special language and craft of the art under consideration.

The two paths, though seeking to develop sensitive, imaginative, and intelligent response to artistic matters, are not mutually exclusive.  A complementary goal is to help students acquire the ability to express ideas about artistic events and art objects in the special language of the originating art clearly, coherently, grammatically, and, where appropriate, in written form.

Learning Outcomes:


  • will demonstrate the ability to interpret works of art by analyzing appropriate social, cultural, psychological, and environmental aspects of the works;
  • will demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret works of art using the language of art criticism relevant to the art form under study;
  • in courses that treat the history of an art form will understand the cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts;
  • in courses that treat the history of an art form will appreciate the personal and cultural forces that shape the arts and how the arts in turn shape the diverse cultures of past and present society;
  • in studio courses will demonstrate an understanding of the principles and elements used in the art form under study, and demonstrate sensitivity to, and creativity with, the medium.