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Urban Studies Minor

The Urban Studies minor offers students a concentration in social sciences applied to urban issues. It can be used for preparation for employment in social service administration, service planning, policy development, or local government administration. It can also be used for preparation for graduate studies in planning, urban studies, urban geography, urban politics, or urban sociology.


Course Descriptions

Urban Studies Minor Requirements

Total Required: 21-22 Credits

Basic requirements (9 cr)
SOCL 217   S/U/Urban Sociology
GEOG 201   Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
GEOG 377   Urban Geography

One course from the following (3 cr)
PLSC 215   Community, State, and Regional Politics
PLSC 217   Public Administration
PLSC 316   Political Power in American Cities

At least three electives chosen from the following, from at least two different prefixes (9-10 cr)
* Includes PLSC courses listed above
ECON 376   Labor Economics
ENVR 250   Urban Environmental Issues in Latin America
GEOG 286   Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 350   Urban Historical Geography
GEOG 487   Urban Issues Senior Seminar
HIST 250   S/U/Work and Workers in Modern America
HIST 264   S/U/United States Immigration History
HIST 410   Making of Industrial America, 1877-1918
HIST 413   Black Power and Structural Inequality in Post 1945
PLSC 312   American Social Welfare Policy
PLSC 314   American Public Policy
PSYC 275   S/Environmental Psychology
SOCL 220   U/Inequality, Class & Poverty
SOCL 230   S/U/Race and Ethnicity
SOCL 241   S/The Individual and Society
SOCL 347   Criminology & Juvenile Delinquency
Note: Urban Studies Internships may be used to satisfy the requirements of one elective course (up to 3 credits).


Recent Directed Studies

  • GIS analysis of redevelopment and gentrification in Red Hook, Brooklyn
  • The impact of gentrification: Community resilience in Brooklyn and Rochester, NY
  • Urban sociology and geography: Vacant land and the need for affordable housing
  • Urban school choice: Problems & prospects


For further information and/or to enroll in the Urban Studies minor, contact:
Jennifer Rogalsky
Bailey Hall 228
Phone: (585) 245-6197