Purchasing Guidelines

The Procurement Process

Before being processed each payment or commitment to purchase is reviewed by the Grants Management Office (GMO) to ensure that the materials or services being ordered comply with the project budget, and are consistent with sponsor regulations and The Research Foundation (RF) policy.  With the information at hand, GMO will determine if the item is necessary, reasonable, allocable, and allowable.

In order for GMO and the Purchasing Department to better serve you, please:

  • Review and follow the guidelines provided by Rebecca Anchor, Director of Purchasing. Purchasing Expedition Memorandum
  • Project directors are encouraged to review the award balance prior to submitting the request to the GMO.  The award balance can be viewed via RF's Oracle Business System.   If you need assistance accessing this information, please contact GMO at (585) 245-5060.   



The Purchase Order Process

To submit a purchase request, please complete The Research Foundation's purchase requisition.  The completed purchase requistion is to be forwarded to the Grants Management Office for review and approval.

If a formal purchase order is required, the following backup documentation is required to be attached to the purchase requisition:

If the total Purchase Requisition amount is …

Then the project director, or appropriate operating location business office, must obtain…
up to $50,000


Discretionary purchasing without formal competition, but requires justification for selection and reasonableness of price.


$50,000 to $100,000


A minimum of three (3) written or verbal bids or proposals.  (Sealed Bids or Proposals)



Over $100,000


 A minimum of three (3) written bids or proposals.  (Sealed Bids or Proposals)

The Purchasing Department will handle sending procurements out to bid and advertising in the NYS Contract Reporter. Purchasing will also seek additional quotes and check to see if orders are on NYS Contract. 1

When the purchase order is complete, the project director has the responsibility to contact GMO to verify receipt of the order so that the invoice can be paid. The project director can notify the GMO receipt of the order by forwarding any other pertinent documentation that might also have been included with the order, such as packing lists, invoices, statements, etc. Please note that RF policy prevents GMO from making any payments to the supplier until the authorization (i.e. the receiving copy) has been received from the project director and the invoice has been received from the supplier.
"Sealed Bids or Proposals"
The sealed bid or proposal process includes the following:  preparing and distribution the solicitation; receiving the bids or proposals; opening and evaluating the bids or proposals in a meeting; and selecting a supplier.   This is conducted by SUNY Geneseo's Purchasing Department.

Visa Payments

The Research Foundation Visa will be used at the discretion of the GMO.  This method of payment is commonly used on website (on-line) orders and travel payments.  Chemicals, radioactive materials and pathogens cannot be ordered using the RF Visa.



1 To see if items are on state contract, refer to:

http://www.ogs.state.ny.us/Purchase/Search/default.asp and click on Search Contracts. In the field "Enter Query Below" enter the Supplier(s) name and click Search. If nothing appears, the items are not on NYS Contract. Usually the Purchasing Department will work with the Project Director if a Single/Sole Source Justification is required. (Single/Sole Source Justification is a brief memo that the Project Director must put together stating why the requested items are not available anywhere else or are specific to his/her need. It is usually signed by the department head.)