Student Organizations and Pre-Law Email List

Student Organizations

Phi Alpha Delta

The Geneseo pre-law chapter of this international professional and teaching law network can be contacted at

Mock Trial Club

Mock Trial is a competitive Advocacy Club. Each year, we build two teams who compete against other colleges and travel to universities around the US with a fictional civil or criminal court case. As a club, we hone our public speaking and acting skills and emphasize learning legal theory, case law, and rules of evidence. Members of our club come from a range of majors, and our activities provide an excellent building block towards a law school education, but many of our members intend to pursue alternate careers.

Follow and direct message us on Instagram at geneseomocktrial.

Email us at

Prelaw-l Email List

Prelaw-l sends email updates about student organization activities, general pre-law events,  reminders about pre-law scholarships, forwarded messages from law schools, and more. To subscribe, send an email to with just this subject line: 

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