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Performance Management Roles and Responsibilities

The specific instructions to complete forms (Performance Evaluation, Performance Program, etc.) are included with those forms. This section outlines general considerations in roles and responsibilities.

While the SUNY-Geneseo HR office will notify the supervisor about professional evaluation due dates, it is the general responsibility of both supervisor and the professional staff member to ensure that the timeline for evaluation is followed. The supervisor must ensure that appropriate consultation is planned for before completion of forms (this includes an individual consultation with the professional staff member being reviewed). The professional staff member should request such a consultation if the supervisor does not request it. If the professional staff member is uncomfortable with this request, (s)he should solicit the assistance of college and union representatives.

It is also the general responsibility of all parties to provide comprehensive, factual, and objective assessments. Please see the section on “sources” of bias in ratings for additional information. 

See the Purpose Section for more information about the Annual Performance Evaluation Cycle.