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Information Security Incident Management

The purpose of information security incident management is to outline procedures and guidelines for reporting and responding to Geneseo information security incidents. This procedure allows for a coordinated response from the Information Security Program Team, and others involved in an investigation and a follow-up on reported information security incidents.

An information security incident is considered to be any adverse event that threatens the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of Geneseo’s information resources. If you suspect an information security incident, immediate action should be taken to report it. If you think a computer has been compromised, powering down the computer or disconnecting it from the campus network will stop any potentially threatening activity. If you have responded to a phish, change your password immediately. If the incident requires immediate attention, call the CIT HelpDesk at 585-245-5588 or University Police during non-business hours at 585-245-5651. Otherwise, use our form to Report an Information Security Incident. If you have questions or problems with this form, please contact CIT via email at or by phone at 585-245-5577. 

Report an Information Security Incident