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Information Security Program Team

SUNY Geneseo is required under the New York State Cyber Security Policy of 2003 and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 to protect the confidentiality of certain classes of information that bear directly on the privacy, health, and property rights of persons with whom the College does business, including employees, students, alumni, applicants, and customers. To meet the requirements of the law as well as state policy on information security, an information security program team has been charged. Sue Chichester, Chief Information Officer & Director, CIT has been appointed chair of the information security program team.

While the Information Security Program Team will develop and implement a formal security program, all employees should exercise good judgment in protecting confidential and sensitive information.

Team Members

Sue Chichester (Chair), Chief Information Officer & Director, CIT
Sandy Argentieri, Director of Student Accounts
Kristy Barkan, Director of Digital Communications
Julie Briggs, Assistant VP, Human Resources
Rick Coloccia, Director, Network & Information Security Operations
Pam Connor, CAS
Scott Ewanow, Assistant Chief of Police
Taylor Gale, Assistant Director of Student Life for Housing Operations
Jeremy Hall, Assistant Director of Institutional Research
Paul Jackson, Assistant Director & Manager, Information Systems
Jennifer Kenyon, Director of International Student & Scholar Services
Chris Leary, DTP of Mathematics
Lynn Myers, Director of Advancement Services
Susan Romano, Director of Financial Aid
Lenny Sancilio, Dean of Students
Valerie Smith, Senior Information Security Analyst
Keely Soltow, Registrar
Brice Weigman, Associate VP Administration and Finance

Rachel Beck, ISEC Assistance

Stacey Robertson, Provost, Executive Oversight


Charge to the team from President Battles 2020
Initial charge to the team from President Dahl 2008