Click on the dashboard links below to open in Microsoft PowerBI. Access provided through Geneseo credentials.

Tips & Tricks

Each dashboard is fully interactive. You can use filters across the top and/or click on elements (e.g., bars within a bar graph, text within a table) to cross-filter among the other visuals within a dashboard. Feel free to explore!

Screenshot Dashboard Access Updated
Admissions screenshot Admissions public 3/6/23
Census profile screenshot Census - student profile faculty, staff, students 3/14/23
Census trend screenshot Census - student trend faculty, staff, students 3/14/23
Course schedule screenshot Course schedule faculty, staff, students 3/9/23
Dept profile screenshot Department profiles faculty, staff, students 3/9/23
Graduation rates screenshot Graduation rates faculty, staff 2/17/23
SCE screenshot SOFI/SCE response rate deans, chairs 3/9/23
SUNY trend screenshot SUNY program trends faculty, staff, students 10/10/22
Waitlist screenshot Waitlists faculty, staff 1/4/23
Workload screenshot Workload faculty, staff 1/2/23