Dr. Beth's Mind-Body Programming

Thank you for your interest in mindfulness and yoga programming with Dr. Beth Cholette (she/her). 

Program Options

Examples of programs I offer are described below. I am also willing to tailor something to best suit the unique needs of your group. I have adapted my programming to various settings, including classrooms and Zoom presentations. My teaching emphasizes mindfulness and yoga for all (bodies, abilities, ages, genders). Please note that my availability is generally limited to business hours.

If you would like to arrange a program for your class, group, club, or organization, please contact me via email at cholette@geneseo.edu. Let me know the type of program you would like, the length, the audience, the format, and potential times/dates. You can also use this general Request a Counseling Outreach Program form.

Self-Care Programs for Students or Faculty

I have offered various versions of this program, focusing on mind-body coping skills, breathing, mindfulness, or a combination. I've offered student programs via GOLD, in classroom settings, and through organizations. Faculty programs have usually been offered by request of individual department (e.g., Admissions, Advancement).

Introductory Mind-Body Programs

I have taught workshops introducing mindfulness-based meditation and beginning yoga via GOLD, in classroom settings, and on Zoom. Options included basic mindfulness techniques and chair yoga.

In-Person Yoga Yoga Classes

I teach a weekly yoga class open to the entire Geneseo campus community (students as well as faculty/staff). The classes are drop-in, open to all members of the Geneseo community (students-faculty-staff), and welcoming to everyone (bodies-abilities-ages-genders).

I have taught yoga for other groups/occasions on campus, such as athletic teams, organization events, and student orientation.

Customized Video Classes

I have a variety of yoga and mindfulness-based meditation videos available on my YogiBethC YouTube channel. I am also available to create custom videos for your class, organization, or staff. I will work with you to assess your needs and then create a private 10-30 minute video uploaded to YouTube. Please allow at least 3-4 weeks for this process.

Here is an example of a video I created for a student organization in March 2022, Peace in Mind and Body.

Past Geneseo Program Recordings
Mindful Minute Resources

Faculty, considering modeling ways to weave mindfulness into everyday life, starting with your classroom. This Mindful Minute flyer offers ideas for how you can incorporate a mindful check-in at the start of each class.


September 2020 (photo credit: Keith Walters)