Dr. Beth's Mind-Body Resources

Try Free Yoga and Mindfulness Videos

I maintain a free public YouTube channel, YogiBethC. Below are a few videos created with SUNY Geneseo students in mind.

RAIN Mindfulness (created for general use Fall 2022)


Peace in Mind and Body (created for student group Spring 2022)

If you prefer a written practice, here's a Beginner's Yoga Sequence that I developed specifically for Geneseo students who were enrolled in the CALM mindfulness group during Spring 2020.

Explore Mindfulness Playlists

I have curated playlists on both Spotify and YouTube specifically to assist SUNY Geneseo students with practicing breathing and other mindfulness techniques. Most are 5-15 minutes - pick 1-2 to try.

  • Spotify Mindfulness Resources - a playlist I put together on Spotify featuring short (5-12 mins) practice resources; you can also view my Yoga Music Playlists on that site
  • YouTube Mindfulness Resources - a playlist I put together on YouTube offering different types of mindfulness and basic meditation practices