Dr. Beth's Mind-Body Resources

Free Yoga and Mindfulness Videos

I maintain a free public YouTube channel, YogiBethC. Below are a few videos created with SUNY Geneseo students in mind.

25-Minute Chair Yoga Practice

Chair Yoga - Vagus Nerve

This practice was created for general use/Mental Health Awareness Month, Spring 2023. It focuses on simple chair yoga postures to stimulate the body's natural relaxation response.


10-Minute Mindfulness Meditation

RAIN Mindfulness 

This guided meditation was created for general use, Fall 2022. It provides instruction in RAIN (Recognize, Acknowledge, Investigate, Nurture), a meditation technique popularized by Tara Brach.


30-Minute Floor Yoga Practice

Peace in Mind and Body

This yoga practice was created at the request of a student group, Spring 2022. It is an all-floor yoga practice accessible to anyone who can comfortably sit, kneel, and lie on the floor.

Mindfulness Playlists

I have developed playlists on both Spotify and YouTube. These playlists were created specifically to assist SUNY Geneseo students with practicing breathing and other mindfulness techniques. Most of the techniques listed on these playlists are 5-15 minutes in length. Interesting in trying a new technique? Recommendations: 1) select 1-2 to try at first, and 2) practice on a regular basis. You might notice a change right away, or it may take some time to experience benefits.


Spotify Mindfulness Resources - a playlist I put together on Spotify featuring short practice resources; you can also try the various yoga music playlists I have on Spotify for relaxing background music


YouTube Mindfulness Resources - a playlist I put together on YouTube offering different types of mindfulness and basic meditation practices

Do you have questions about where/how to get started? Consider scheduling a 1:1 appointment with me for Embodied Intervention.

Do you need suggestions for more YouTube channels, books, and other practice resources? See my Recommended by Me page on my YogiBethC site.