Dr. Beth's Mind-Body Pages

Dr. Beth Cholette
Assistant Director of Counseling Services

Welcome to Mind-Body at Geneseo!

I'm Beth, also known as Dr. Beth or YogiBethC. I am a licensed clinical psychologist (PhD) with over twenty-five years of experience in a college college setting. I am also a registered yoga teacher (RYT). With these two areas of expertise, I am able to provide a unique combination of psychological services and holistic programming. On campus, I have had specialized competency trainings with Safe Zone and ACCC. I have had specialized yoga trainings in the areas of Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga Anatomy, Yoga for All, and Yoga for Healthy Aging. My office and yoga classes welcome everyone, and I emphasize mind-body for all (bodies, abilities, ages, genders).

Mindfulness and Yoga on Campus

Embodied Intervention - NEW for 2023-24!

Embodied Intervention appointments are designed as brief informational and experiential sessions. These 1:1 appointments with me introduce students to embodied practices such as mindfulness, breathwork, body scan, and/or basic yoga postures. Up to three (3) Embodied Intervention appointments are available per student per academic year.

To request an Embodied Intervention appointment:

  1. Go to the My Health student health portal,
  2. Chose the schedule an appointment option.
  3. Follow the instructions for Counseling Services - Embodied Intervention.

(Please note that Embodied Intervention appointments are NOT mental health therapy sessions.)

Weekly Yoga Class on Campus

I teach a FREE weekly drop-in yoga class open to the entire Geneseo campus community (students, faculty, staff). We practice together to cultivate community, to support a sense of belonging, and to promote healthy wellbeing.

Midday Mindful Yoga is offered FRIDAYS, 12:30-1:30 pm in the Schrader Dance Studio (above UPD) - first date for Spring 2024 is February 2nd. Mats and other props are available for use on loan during this class.

Here's what some attendees said were their favorite aspects of Midday Mindful Yoga classes during the 2023-24 academic year:

  • How it’s adaptable to everyone. You feel no pressure from the class.
  • The variation available for all levels of practice.
  • Different variations of certain poses allow the class to explore and challenge with one pose to get full stretch or relaxation.
  • At the end, while doing corpse pose I notice how much better I feel after the practice.
Mindful Minute

I've developed a handout of short mindfulness breaks for Students and for Faculty (for use in the classroom).

Program Request

Would like to arrange a program for your class, group, club, or organization? View Programming Information for ideas - I offer programs for both students and faculty. I am available to provide programs in-person, via Zoom, or pre-recorded format (YouTube).

Additional Resources

I offer videos, links to my YouTube channel, YouTube and Spotify playlists, and other resources on my Mind-Body Resources page.