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Moving Off Campus:  Step by Step


1) Decide if you would like to live off campus. Be sure to check that you are eligible to live off campus. Students may choose to move off campus for various reasons, but it is a decision based on personal preference and needs.

2) Speak with other students you may like to live with, or decide if you would like to live alone. If you don’t know anyone that wants to live off campus but you still do, don’t fear! You can access our sublet list and post on your class Facebook page to find a potential place to sublet for a semester or more.

3) Search the Geneseo Housing Registry or look for posters around campus and the village advertising apartments for rent. Check the sublet spreadsheet mentioned above if you are thinking of subletting someone’s apartment. There are also several apartment complexes in Geneseo that usually have space available every year. Explore your options and pick a few places that interest you.

4) Contact the landlords of these places and indicate that you are interested in viewing their property. It is important to visit the apartment in person to decide if it is the right fit for you. This is also an opportunity to inspect the property and ask the landlord questions about living there, such as utilities, lease duration, security deposits, and when and how payment is due.

5) Once you decide where you would like to live, contact your future landlord immediately and set a time to sign the lease. Most landlords also require a deposit at this time. 

6) You do not need to contact Student Life that you will not be living on campus next year, unless you have signed a housing agreement or paid a housing deposit for the next year!

7) Congratulations! You are ready to move off campus.