LSAT and Law School Application Preparation

You can download a document with links to free tools to calculate student loan costs and to compare law schools on a variety of criteria, provided by AccessLex Institute.

Practice tests are available from the Law School Administration Council. (LSAC creates and administers the Law School Admission Test).

In addition, Michigan State University provides free online webinars on the LSAT and law school application. 

Many students find test preparation classes useful in approaching the LSAT. Below are some links to commercial test preparation companies. The Geneseo Pre-Law program does not endorse any particular preparation company; the same goes for the external evaluator of these commercial providers listed below.

For application advice and support, please make an appointment with one of the prelaw advisors.

Commercial Test Preparation Companies

(listed in alphabetical order and hyperlinked to their respective websites)


The GRE Alternative

Some law schools give applicants the option of submitting GRE (Graduate Record Exam) scores instead of the LSAT. The Educational Testing Service publishes a list of law schools that accept the GRE.