PRISM Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures from past events!

PRISM Math Club: Student sit and listen to speakerPRISM Math Club: Students sit and smile during speakerPRISM Math Club: PI Day Student writing on dry erase board.
PRISM Math Club: Student stand at ahead of classPRISM Math Club: Collection of piesPRISM Math Club:Students smile as they eat ice cream.
PRISM Math Club: Student grabs plate in front of food spreadPRISM Math Club: Student smile as they grab plates for food.


Spring 2011 Picnic

PRISM Math Club: Students eat food with arms extended towards skyPRISM Math Club: Professor cooks food on grillPRISM Math Club: Students laughing
PRISM Math Club: Student laugh as they pose for picture with arms around each other.student bending over table looking for food

Students smiling and posing for pictureStudent bending over table looking for food