LaTeX Links, Guides, and Templates


Here are the files for the workshop.

latex_workshop.txt (4.2 KB) for Fall Workshop. Open the file, select all, copy, and paste on to your blank project.


Fall LaTeX Workshop Presentation

Spring LaTeX Workshop Presentation

Beamer Template

Want to make neat presentations using LaTeX/beamer? You can get started by using a template specifically designed for Geneseo students (see LaTeX Workshop Presentations for examples).

First, download the ZIP file (you need to login to your Geneseo email).

If you're using Overleaf: New Project => Upload Project => Click on the ZIP file.

Otherwise, move everything from the ZIP file to a new empty folder (eg. MyPresentation). You should have a separate folder for each presentation you make.

Be sure to read the readme.txt file before starting. Also, read everything in the main.tex file to customize your presentation to your needs.

Guides and Links

Dr. Chris Leary from the math department has more information on getting started with LaTeX on his website.

Overleaf (Quick Guide)

LaTeX Wikibooks (References)

TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange (Q&A)

Find LaTeX Symbols by Drawing Them

Create Tables in LaTeX

Create Figures in LaTeX