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Monica Schneider

Professor of Psychology
Bailey 140

Monica Schneider has been a member of Geneseo faculty since 1995.

Area of Interest

Social Psychology

Research Interests

  • Predictors of college students’ psychological well-being and college adjustment
  • Factors associated with college retention and success for underrepresented students, including racial/ethnic minorities, sexual minorities (GLBTQ), international and immigrant students, first-generation students, and Access Opportunity Program students
  • Attachment and college students’ romantic and sexual relationships
  • Program assessment (e.g., Advancing Cultural Competency Certificate Program, Real World Geneseo).

Research Links

Student Opportunities

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Social Psychology, SUNY Buffalo, 1995

  • M.A., Social Psychology, SUNY Buffalo

  • B.A., Psychology, Alfred University, 1989

Recent Courses Taught

  • General Psychology

  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology

  • Psychology of Personality

  • Psychology of Adult Attachment

  • Advanced Research Issues - Threat and Prejudice

Selected Publications

  • Schneider, M., & Katz, J. (2017). Adult Attachment and Heterosexual College Women's Hookup Behaviors: Mediating Effects of Sexual Motives. Sex Roles, 77(5/6),

  • Schneider, M.E., Rao, J., Johnson, F.R., Norman, S., & Watts, D. (2016). Implementing a successful diversity-related program: Lessons learned from the program development and assessment of Real World Geneseo. In Intercultural Horizons Volume IV: Identities, Relationships, and Languages in Migration (Eds., Eliza J. Nash, Nevin C. Brown, and Lavinia Bracci) pp. 71-88. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK.

  • Katz, J., & Schneider, M.E. (2015). (Hetero)sexual compliance with unwanted casual sex: Associations with feelings about first sex and sexual self-perceptions. Sex Roles, 72, 451-461.