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Message on Racial Injustice

Dear Geneseo students,


In light of the several recent tragedies, and in acknowledgment of the countless racist events that we likely will never know about, the Student Association recognizes the need to reaffirm our beliefs that hatred, intolerance, and institutional racism have no place within the Geneseo community. 

We grieve and stand with our Black students and the Black community who have had countless lives taken senselessly by police brutality. We say the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Atatiana Jefferson, and many more. We continue to be outraged at blood spilled without consequence. 

The statement we are releasing today is late. These same words were necessary on May 25 after George Floyd’s death, on March 13 after Breonna Taylor’s, or on July 17, 2014 after Eric Garner’s, to name only a few. In this time, it is those who are silent who must be placed under a microscope, and we apologize for holding our silence too long. We call for all to push aside personal discomfort, check their privilege, check their actions offline, and call out injustice in all its forms. For those who have been victimized through identity, who live their lives in fear for their safety, and who are exhausted from this fight; we stand with you. We hope that your voices continue to be amplified until the need for change is heard and listened to by all. We hope that all students hold the Student Association accountable and join us in creating new ways to foster diversity, equity, and inclusivity, not just as values, but as lived, non-negotiable expectations at Geneseo. 

The Student Association will continue striving for the cultivation of a diverse, inclusive community that is centered on respect and celebration for each other's humanity. We will learn, listen, and advocate in solidarity with the Black community and all those fighting for Black lives. 

Because Black Lives Matter. 

Stand up, speak out, and stay safe.

Discuss with us what you want to see from the Student Association, and what we could be doing more of. Email with questions, comments, concerns, or to set up a meeting.



Kaitlyn Bertleff - SA President

Laura Benjamin - SA Vice President

Gretchen Ayoub - SA Director of Business Affairs

Jack Royer - SA Director of Academic Affairs

Lara Goodman - SA Director of Inter-Residence Affairs

Renee Allen - SA Director of Student Programming

Samantha Koch - SA Director of Public Relations

Sydney Krause - SA Director of Student Affairs