About the Student Association

Our Mission

The SUNY Geneseo Student Association, or SA, is a platform organization specifically purposed for the advancement and development of undergraduate student life.

Under this broad mission statement, SA is responsible for the allocation of funds, resources, and personnel to various student-centered services and programs. With the introduction of new students on a semester basis, new interests are constantly shaping student life at Geneseo. Therefore, while the mission of SA is constant, application of this mission is always changing to accommodate the most current needs of the student body. Hundreds of organizations, events and services are supported by SA for the benefit of students.

Our Vision

The Student Association aims to advocate for and engage all activity fee paying students to collaborate and to provide numerous services, programs, and opportunities to enhance their liberal arts education in order to promote a lifetime of leadership.

Our Values

Education, Leadership, Service, Diversity, Transparency, Civic Responsibility, Enthusiasm, Teamwork, FUN!

More Information

The Student Association (SA) is the one organization at Geneseo of which every full time and part time undergraduate student is a member. Students become members of SA when they pay the mandatory student activity fee each semester. This money, along with income realized from programming, is allocated to support student organizations, services and programs which improve the quality of extracurricular life at Geneseo.

The student activity fee funds three standing committees, approximately 40 clubs and organizations, and many other useful services. Why not make the most out of your student activity fee? Join an organization, use a service, or come to a business meeting. Whether you're a freshman, a senior, or somewhere in between, come see what SA can do for you!