Forms and Documents

ACE Funding Request Form used by ACE organizations for funding ACE Programs
Non-SA Request Form used by non-SA clubs to request SA funding for one event
SA Budget Increase Form used to request additional funding
SA Budget Realignment Form used to request permission to realign budget lines
SA Conference Request Form used to request permission and funding to attend a conference
SA Permanent Equipment Request Form used to request funds to purchase equipment with a value greater than $499
SA Permanent Equipment Surplus Form used to discard old permanent equipment
SA Mileage Reimbursement Forms

Standing Committee Forms

AAC Off Campus Day Trip/Event Form
AAC Social/Academic Function Form
AAC Removal of Suspended Financial Standing

IRC HC Drawing Fund Form
IRC Wellness Fund Form


Class Council Drawing Fund Guidelines
Student Court Guidelines
USAEC Guidelines


Obtaining Funding through the Student Association view information on obtaining funds for clubs through SA
Off-Campus Living a useful resource detailing important information regarding living off-campus