Student Association Sub-Committees

Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)

AAC Website

Meetings: Tuesday 7 p.m. | MCU Hunt Room

This standing committee includes all academic student-run organizations. AAC works to support students' co-curricular academic interests through funding and collaborative efforts.

AAC (Academic Affairs Committee)

Inter-Residence Council (IRC)

IRC Website (coming soon!)

Meetings: Monday 8 p.m. | MCU Hunt Room

IRC is the standing committee that collaborates with hall councils in residence hall event planning in order to enhance the campus living experience. These meetings often have special guests from other school departments to hear students' questions and concerns.

IRC and Shakti Holi 2018

Geneseo Campus Activities Board (GCAB)

GCAB Wixsite

Meetings: Thursday 6 p.m. | MCU Board Room

GCAB is the standing committee that organizes SA funded programming all year round. With its seven divisions, GCAB books everything from concerts and movies to art shows and classical performances for the entire Geneseo community to enjoy.

GCAB (Geneseo Campus Activities Board)

The Undergraduate Student Association Elections Committee (USAEC)

USAEC Website

The Undergraduate Student Association Elections Committee is the standing committee that oversees and organizes all elections for SA. Elections for class officers, the SA Executive Committee positions, and the Referendum every two years are all run independently by students on the USAEC. 

USAEC (The Undergraduate Student Association Elections Committee)

Alliance for Community Enrichment (ACE)

ACE Website

Meetings: Sunday 3-4 p.m. | College Union 322/323

The Alliance for Community Enrichment is a subcommittee that serves as a programming outlet for cultural organizations on campus. ACE acts as a cultural advocacy group for the rest of SA, the school, and the greater Geneseo community.

ACE (Alliance for Community Enrichment)

Student Senate

Student Senate Website 

Student Senate is a subcommittee of the Student Association focused on enacting resolutions concerning issues of importance to the undergraduate student body. It creates a platform for students to voice concerns relating to the college and strives to educate, advocate, and resolve the needs and issues surrounding students on campus. 

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