The Society's national office is located in Alexandria, Virginia, with over 160 staff members employed to administer the day-to-day business tasks. SHRM supports an executive network of local student and professional chapters throughout the United States and in Puerto Rico, Guam, and Bermuda. These groups are managed by local volunteer leaders and, in some of the larger chapters, a paid administrator. SHRM's national student program manager continues to work closely with the College Relations Committee in directing the Society's student membership program. SHRM celebrated its 65th birthday in 2013. 

 An area vice-president (AVP) coordinates the activities of all professional chapters, student chapters, and members-at-large (members not affiliated with a chapter) in the area. The AVP, also a member of the SHRM board of directors,  serves as the primary organizational link between the national headquarters and local professional chapters/individual memberships. 

For administrative purposes, SHRM divides the country into six geographical area. To find out what area your chapter is located in, please check the directory of SHRM chapters.

Many areas appoint state and area college relations directors. These individuals serve as a link between the professional chapters and the local colleges, universities, and student chapters. Local professional chapters often elect a student chapter liaison to interact with the local chapter(s). Each liaison leader acts a direct contact with the SHRM chapter in your community, and as a valuable resource of advice and guidance towards helping your chapter succeed.  

Student chapter liaisons may be identified by contacting your local sponsor chapter or the National SHRM office.

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