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Minor in Sociology

Total Credit Hours: 18 semester hours

Basic Requirements:
Socl. 100 S/Introduction to Sociology
Socl.  211 R/Statistics for Social Research or Socl 361 Field Research Methods*
Socl.  303 Classical Sociological Theory
and nine (9) hours of elective courses with at least six (6) hours above the 100 level.

*For students who have taken an equivalent statistics course in another department or at other institution, they have the responsibility of adding another 3-credit hour Sociology elective course above the 100 level to complete the required 18 hours for the Sociology minor.

Socl. 102 S/Intro Social Problems & Public Policy
Socl. 105 S/M/Intro. to Global Social Change
Socl. 201 Black Women in American Society
Socl. 209 American Criminal Justice System
Socl. 210 Sociology of the Families
Socl. 213 Sociology of Medicine
Socl. 217 S/U/Urban Sociology
Socl. 218 Sociology of Environmental Issues
Socl. 220 U/Inequality, Class & Poverty
Socl. 225 Sociology of Gender & Sexuality
Socl. 230 S/U/Race & Ethnicity
Socl. 240 S/Sociology of Religion
Socl. 241 S/The Individual & Society
Socl. 245 Sociology of Sports
Socl. 250 Sociology of Deviance
Socl. 290 Sociology of Work and Organizations
Socl. 310 Sociology of Law
Socl. 314 Illness, Self & Society
Socl. 318 Environmental Sociology
Socl. 325 Global Social Change
Socl. 333 Sociology of Education
Socl. 340 Social Movements
Socl. 347 Criminology and Juvenile Delinquency
Socl. 354 Political Sociology
Socl. 356 The Social Self
Socl. 358 Sociology of Emotions
Socl. 361 Field Research Methods