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Congratulations to the Class of 2021

Join us in congratulating the seventeen Sociomedical Sciences majors who are graduating this weekend! Below is a list of the graduates and, when available, their plans for the near future.

Angel Alejandro will spend the summer as a Columbia University Summer Public Health Scholar. In the Fall, he will begin pursuing his Master's of Public Health at New York University with a focus on Health Policy and Management. Angel is the recipient of the Department of Anthropology's 2021 Leith Mullings Award in Sociomedical Sciences and Social Justice.

Rachel Arauz will begin a Master's of Public Health graduate program at Syracuse University in the Fall. Rachel is the recipient of the Department of Anthropology's Harold Battersby Award in Linguistic Anthropology.

Hannah Baptiste is starting a position as community health worker with Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance company.

Qyarah De Jesus is taking a gap year and exploring her graduate school interests and options.

Brie Derella will begin her graduate studies in public health (MPH) at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Heath this Fall. Brie has also been awarded the Department of Anthropology's 2021 Nancy Krieger Award in Sociomedical Sciences and Public Health. 

Abigail Duvivier is applying to graduate programs in occupational therapy.

Quinn Hardiman is moving to Spain at the end of the summer to work as a Language and Cultural Assistant in the Spanish K-12 school system for a year.

Elizabeth Kim will be applying to Master's of Public Health programs in the Fall and is working in Rochester, NY during her gap year.

Olivia LeClerc is a Public Health Community Organizer with the AmeriCorps in Burlington, VT. Olivia is the recipient of the Department of Anthropology's 2021 Paul Farmer Award in Sociomedical Sciences.

Jillian Leydon is working as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and patient care tech at Highland hospital in Rochester, NY and will be applying to medical school.

Drew O'Neil is currently a research assistant for the Deason Criminal Justice Center’s “Gauging Improvements in Defense Efforts and Outcomes in New York” project. In October she will begin a 2-year term with the CDC's Public Health Associate Program (PHAP), working on environmental and occupational health in Harrisburg, PA. Drew is the recipient of the Department of Anthropology's 2021 Rose-Marie Chierici Award in Sociomedical Sciences, and the Women's and Gender Studies Program Christine de Pizan Award for best paper. 

Meaghan Parks will begin a PhD program in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics at Case Western Reserve University Medical School in Fall 2021.

Gwen Peters is shadowing in an optometrist's office and applying to Optometry school.

Rachel Roth is working as a full-time Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in Rochester, NY and applying to physician assistant graduate programs.

Andrew Schaeffler

Sneha Singh is working as a medical assistant in Virginia and applying to physician assistant graduate programs.

Isabelle Stitt is spending a gap year as an Americorps volunteer before attending graduate school in public health. Isabelle is the recipient of the Department of Anthropology's 2021 Outstanding Research in Sociomedical Sciences Award.