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Sociomedical Sciences Faculty and Staff

Susan Bandoni Muench

Professor of Biology

Office: Integrated Science Center 257

Phone: 585-245-5309

Amy Braksmajer

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Office: Bailey Hall 244

Phone: 585-245-6201

Anne F. Eisenberg, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology

Office: Bailey Hall 238

Phone: (585) 245-6204

Jennifer Guzmán

Assistant Professor

Office: Bailey 108

Phone: 585-245-5174

Kristi Krumrine

Adjunct Lecturer

Office: Bailey 147

Phone: 585-245-5043

Melanie A. Medeiros

Associate Professor

Office: Bailey 149

Phone: 585-245-6269

Beverly J. Rex-Burley

Administrative Assistant

Office: Bailey 153

Phone: 585-245-5277