Award Administration

Award Administration

Depending on the source of support, awards are administered by different offices and in different ways:

The Grants Management Office administers:

  • All external grants and contracts awarded to the Research Foundation of SUNY
  • All campus-based awards funded through the College’s indirect cost revenues, including
    • Presidential Summer Fellowships
    • Research Development Awards
    • Indirect Cost Return Awards
    • Page Charge Awards
    • Graduate Student Research and Travel Grants  

The Geneseo Foundation

The Office of Sponsored Research in conjunction with the Accounting Office administers select programs supported by the Geneseo Foundation which are reviewed by the Research Council.  Program descriptions and application forms can be found at Faculty Internal Funding Programs and Student Research Support.

  • Geneseo Foundation and Roemer Summer Faculty Fellowships
  • Proposal Writing Course Release Awards
  •  Incentive Grants
  • Faculty Travel Grants
  • Hurrell/McNaron Award
  • Dean Johnston Student Assistantships
  • Geneseo Foundation Student Assistantships
  • Dr. Wendell and Barbara Rhodes Research Award
  • Undergraduate Research and Travel Grants

External Fellowship Awards

External Fellowship Awards to Individuals may be administered through Research Foundation or may be paid directly to awardees. If you have questions about administration of fellowship awards please contact the Office of Sponsored Research or the appropriate program director at the sponsoring agency.