Pregnant and Parenting Students' Accommodations

SUNY Geneseo is committed to supporting our students who may be pregnant or parenting. SUNY Geneseo does not discriminate against any student or employee on the basis of pregnancy, parenting, or related conditions, per Title IX federal regulations


Students who experience complications due to pregnancy or childbirth and who are seeking accommodations should contact the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) at or 585-245-5112. OAS staff will meet with the student and assess what resources or reasonable temporary accommodations may be available. OAS will coordinate with the necessary offices, including the Dean of Students, the Title IX Coordinator, and/or academic departments to ensure equal access for pregnant students. 

Accommodations will vary on the specifics of the students’ needs. Examples of accommodations might include: 

  • A larger desk 
  • Breaks during class, as needed 
  • Course policy adjustments, such as modified attendance, flexibility in assignment submission, and making up work and/or exams (to the extent reasonable, and in conjunction with the course instructor)
  • Housing accommodations for on-campus students
  • Temporary accessible parking

Leave of Absence

Documented absences due to medical conditions related to pregnancy or parenting will be excused for as long as deemed necessary and educationally practicable. If a Leave of Absence is necessitated, the student will be reinstated at the same status held previous to the leave. Contact the Dean of Students, at or 585-245-5706 for information on applying for a Leave of Absence.

Lactation Spaces

Nursing students have the right to reasonable breaks to express breast milk as well as a private, convenient, and secure place to do so. SUNY Geneseo provides rooms to support nursing parents. All rooms are equipped with comfortable seating, table, and ample electrical outlets near the chair. 

To receive a list of designated spaces and schedule a time to use the room, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at or 585-245-5023. 

Reporting Sex Discrimination 

If you are pregnant or parenting and believe you have experienced sex discrimination, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at or 585-245-5023.