Title IX FAQ for Employees

What happens if I file a report? 

The Title IX staff member will reach out via email to offer resources and an opportunity to meet in person to discuss any additional needs, accommodations or referrals, along with options to report the incident to the college or to local law enforcement. If an investigation is initiated, the responding party will be notified and both parties will be appointed with an advisor.  

If someone discloses information related to an incident of sexual misconduct, harassment, or discrimination, how should I respond? 

If someone discloses an incident of sexual misconduct, harassment, or discrimination to you, you should first inform them that you are a mandated reporter and that you must report the information disclosed. Additionally, mandated reporters are not responsible for investigating the situation on their own. In order to prevent the individual from having to restate the details of the incident more than they have to, only ask questions pertaining to their immediate safety and well-being. Mandated reporters should also provide the individual with Title IX contact information and information for other resources. 

  • Listen with empathy 
  • Support and respect their decision 
  • Know where to refer the individual for further assistance

What if an individual asks that I do NOT report the information involving sexual misconduct that they disclosed to me? 

If an individual specifically asks that you do not report the information they disclosed to you, inform them that you are required by law to report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator.  Tell them that they are entitled to privacy to the greatest extent possible, and that you will not tell anyone else about their experience other than the Title IX Coordinator.  Remind them that even though Title IX is notified, they are in control of how things will be handled going forward.

What is my role after I report an incident of sexual misconduct?

Once you have reported the necessary information to the Title IX office, your role is fulfilled. If this individual has chosen to confide in you, you may continue to speak with them and offer your personal support, however, if you learn any additional information that was not revealed at the time of the original disclosure, please inform Title IX staff.

How do I schedule a Prevention Education training with an organization that I oversee? 

Reach out to the Title IX staff. Share the name of the organization or club and what topics you would like covered and we will be able to schedule a training session.

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