Begin Again Horse Rescue

Mission: To provide a safe environment for unwanted, neglected and "at-risk" horses in order to prevent as many as possible from suffereing or going to slaughter. We rehabilitate them when possible and find "permanent-lease" homes for them. We also promote non-cruelty to animalsby focing efforts on raising awareness and providing information to the publicconcerning the nature and proper care of horses, and the plight these animals face.
Address: 2828 State Route 15A (Plank Road), Lima, NY 1448
Contact: Mrs. Kirk Miller, 585-322-2427 or email
Volunteer Opportunities: Cleaning barn/stalls, feeding horses, grooming, filling water tanks, fixing fences
Additional Information: Shifts generally run 9am-1pm on Saturdays; feeding begins at 9am, general tasks begin at 10am typically and tasks wrap up around 1pm

Hearthside Cats

Program Description: A no-kill animal shelter that provides foster care to special needs cats and provides care for homeless cats to be adopted in the community.
Location: Across from the Tops Plaza on E. Main Street, Avon, NY
Contact: 585-243-0873
Volunteer Opportunities: Fundraising, pet adoption events, feeding wet food, refilling dry food and water bowls, light cleaning of the animal areas (scooping litter and sweeping if necessary), and socializing with the cats and kittens 
Additional Information: Two volunteer shifts daily at the shelter, morning and evening, and weekly schedules at the shelter where volunteers can sign up for whatever shift(s) work best for them that week. The times are very flexible and volunteers can come anytime in the morning or evening, whenever works best for their schedule

Humane Society of Livingston County

Mission: The Humane Society of Livingston County, through education and caring, will work toward eliminating abuse and over-population of animals and aid in the prevention of suffering within our community
Contact: Jean Hoeve, 585-234-2828
Volunteer Opportunities: Help with fundraising for future shelter