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Course Offerings

Women's and Gender Studies Courses for Summer 2020

Course Number

Course Name

Meeting Time Professor
WGST 100

Intro to Women's and Gender Studies

Online Class Amanda Roth

Women's and Gender Studies Courses for Fall 2020

Course Number

Course Name

Meeting Time Professor
ANTH 231 S/ Sociolinguistics  (cross listed with WGST 203) WF 10-11:15 Jennifer Guzman
ANTH 288 Exp: Women in Prehistory MF 2:30-3:45 Marie-Lorraine Pipes
ANTH 343 Cross Cult Perspectives Women's Health TR 2:30-3:45 Melanie Medeiros
ANTH 380 Topics: Emotions and Gender TR 1-2:15 Jewels White
*BIOL 388-06 M/ Health and Developing World MWF 9:30-10:20 Susan Muench
*ECON 356 Women and the Economy TR 10-11:15 Pallavi Panda
*ENGL 329 American Visions: Plotting Women (4 credits)

TR 12:30-2:10

Caroline Woidat
*ENGL 467

Topics Modern Lit: the Queer 19th Century ( 4 credits)

MWF 10:30-11:40 Alice Rutowski
HIST 112 Women and Gender in E Asian Hist (4 credits) TR 2:30-4:10 Ling Ma
HIST 260 Women in US History (4 credits) TR 8:30-10:10 Mary Mapes
HIST 267 Women and US Social Movements (4 credits) TR 12:30-2:10 Cathy Adams
HIST 302 Res-Hist: Sex in the City (4 credits) TR 4:30-6:10 Ryan Jones
*MUSC 337 Music, Race, and Ethnicity MW 11:30-12:45 Monica Hershberger
*PLSC 357 Gender and Law (cross listed with SOCL 317) TR 1-2:15 Jo Kirk
PSYC 236 Human Sexual Behavior MWF 11:30-12:20 Jenny Katz

**PSYC 294

Peer Advocacy F 2:30-5 Jenny Katz
**PSYC 308 Psychology of Women MW 4-5:15 Jenny Katz
SOCL 105-01 Intro to Global Social Change TR 1-2:15 Lisa Meyer
SOCL 105-02 Intro to Global Social Change TR 8:30-9:45 Amanda Roth
SOCL 210-01 Sociology of Families TR 2:30-3:45 Denise Scott
SOCL 210-02 Sociology of Families TR 4-5:15

Denise Scott

SOCL 281-02

Topics: Women in S Asian Society 

TR 11:30-12:45

Denise Scott

SOCL 281-01 Topics: Gender and Science MW 1-2:15 Anne Eisenberg
*SOCL 317 Gender and Law (cross listed as above) TR 1-2:15

Jo Kirk

*SOCl 325 Global Social Change
TR 11:30-12:45
Lisa Meyer
WGST 100 Intro to Women's and Gender Studies MF 11:30-12:45
Amanda Roth
WGST 203 Topics Gender and Social World S/ Language and Gender WF 10-11:15 Jennifer Guzman
**WGST 232 Safe Zone Train the Trainer (2 credits) MW 9:30-10:20 Alice Rutowski
WGT 310 Race, Class, and Gender TR 10-11:15 Caroline Woidat
WGST 330 Feminist Theories MW 1-2:15 Amanda Roth

*Departmental prerequisites exist. WGST students who do not have the prerequisite are encouraged to contact the instructor and discuss the feasibility of waiving the prerequisite. 

** Separate application process; please contact the instructor as early as possible in the semester prior to the course offering.

Senior seminar is offered every spring; if you would like to complete your senior capstone project in the fall, contact Dr. Blood.

 Please email Melanie Blood to add a class to this list or with any questions

Courses approved for current Women's and Gender Studies Major, Minor, Concentration:

Other courses require approval of the Women's and Gender Studies Coordinator to count for the minor, including Internships and Directed Studies in Women's and Gender Studies. Non-WGST courses not found on the list below will also require a Waiver form, signed by the Coordinator and approved by the Dean of the College. 

Full descriptions of courses, including the rotation in which they are offered, are in the College Bulletin (

  1. Anthropology 224: M/Ethnography of Gender in Latin America

  2. Anthropology 243: S/M Women in Cross Cultural Perspective

  3. Art History 310: Gender and Art

  4. English 439: American Ways, with appropriate subtitles, eg "Plotting Women"

  5. English 443: Gender and Literature

  6. English 458: Major Authors, with appropriate subtitles

  7. History 260: Issues in History of American Women

  8. History 267: Women and US Social Movements

  9. History 380: appropriate topics

  10. History 480: Advanced Studies in LACAANA History: (Gender, Sexuality, and the Body)

  11. INTD 207: Interdisciplinary Disability Studies

  12. Philosophy 204: Philosophy of Women

  13. Political Science 250 Women and Politics

  14. Psychology 236: Human Sexual Behavior

  15. Psychology 308: Psychology of Women

  16. Sociology 201: Black Women in American Society

  17. Sociology 210: Sociology and the Family

  18. Sociology 225: Sociology of Gender

  19. Sociology 281: Topic: Gender and Law

  20. Sociology 281: Topic: Gender and Development

  21. Women's and Gender Studies 201, 202, 203, 204, 205  Topics courses in each content cluster

  22. Women's and Gender Studies 230: Introduction to Queer Studies

  23. Women's and Gender Studies 240: Arab Women, Islam, and Feminism

  24. Women's and Gender Studies 340: Gender and Global Education

  25. In addition, students can take Safe Zone "train the trainer" and become a peer educator, Pathways training and become a peer advocate, and/or take an internship at WGST 395 and count these credits toward an academic program.