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Weeks of Welcome



Orientation at Geneseo helps transition first year and transfer students to the next steps of their academic and life  journeys. The purpose of orientation is to facilitate opportunities for students to acclimate to campus, create positive and inclusive connections, foster a sense of pride in Geneseo and establish a foundation for academic success. The aim of Orientation, including Weeks of Welcome, is to lay the groundwork for the rest of your college experience.

Weeks of Welcome

Weeks of Welcome is the official start of a new academic year. It is a transitional time when students become familiarized with the campus community and prepare for their academic endeavors.

Active and positive participation in Weeks of Welcome is one of the best ways to start getting the most out of the academic year and the Geneseo experience. The activities offered aid in increasing personal connections with other students, faculty and staff and in promoting a sense of belonging.

WOW Photo Gallery

  • Students recieve frisbees.
  • Student signs the 'Class of' poster.
  • Students high five Victor E. Knight (SUNY Geneseo's Mascot).
  • First Knight on the college green.
  • Students and Faculty interact at First Knight.
  • Students sign the painted tree in Sturges quad.
  • A man on stilts juggles for students.
  • Students participate in a photobooth that mimics Instagram.
  • Students speak with individauls at booths.
  • Geneso First Response booth.
  • Onlookers video a Bhangra performance.
  • Student Assotiation (SA) booth.
  • A group playing African drums.
  • Geneseo Late Knight (GLK) booth.
  • Fireworks as seen from the gazebo.
  • MacVittie College Union lobby.
  • Club and Organization fair in the Union Ballrooom.
  • Students playing water balloon volleyball.
  • Students playing tug-of-war.
  • The Ironman bounceyhouse.
  • Students participating in a three-legged race.
  • Students going through an obstacle course.
  • Tug-of-war between students.

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