Glean is a cloud-based, comprehensive audio recording and note-taking assistance web-based technology you can use on any device. Engage fully in class without distractions, and then identify and retain information as you study. Capture everything by combining audio, slides, and text using our mobile or web app. It works online or offline, in-person or virtually.

Glean may be utilized for students with approved audio-recording and/or note taking accommodations with the OAS.


Glean Student Classrooms

As part of your access to Glean, you’re able to take part in one of the Student Classrooms that are running in August and September. We highly recommend you sign up, as they will help you:

  • Develop effective note taking skills which you can use to boost your learning now and in the future
  • Overcome common barriers to learning in the modern classroom
  • Use the Glean tool more effectively for both in person and online classes

The sessions are half an hour and will be run by one of Glean’s learning experts. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and be signposted to further support resources. Please sign up for a Student Classroom Workshop at a time that suits you.

Sign up for Glean

If you are a student with an approved audio recording and/or note-taking accommodation, email or call 585-245-5112 to be added as a user. Students who use Glean must sign a lecture recording agreement

Glean Resources

Find more quick, 1-2 minute videos to learn more about Glean, and helpful hints and tips for using Glean effectively. Glean also provides additional resources for students, including guides and student testimonials. 

Glean Faculty Guide