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Sample Classes for Prospective Students

Get to know Geneseo from home by attending one, two, or all of the sample classes offered. The classes are free, hosted on Zoom, and approximately 1 hour in length. See you soon!

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*Please keep checking this page for updates as we add more exciting sample classes for you to attend!

Spring 2022 Sample Classes

Fri, March 11: 4:00-5:00pm: Our Speech and What It Signals: Speaker-Receiver Dynamics and Implications of The Words We Choose

The topic is related to the psychology of language. Dr. Pastizzo will share two experiments that Geneseo students enjoy. One is on how hedge word usage (um, uh) actually helps the listener, and the other is on how negative framing to express something positive like competance (e.g., not stupid) can actually perpetuate stereotypes.
Most students will take a psychology course at some point in their college career, so this will be a great introduction to some of the fascinating subjects you might learn about!

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Fri, April 1: 4:00-5:00pm: One Half Gallon of Bacteria

Whether you like it or not, you are host to billions of bacteria that live in and on your body.  Your skin, mouth, intestines, and the insides of your own cells provide unique environments to keep bacteria alive.  But, what if those bacteria are the ones keeping you alive?  In this lecture, Dr. Rob Feissner from the Biology Department invites you (and your bacteria) to learn about the fascinating world of prokaryotes; What are they, what do they do, and where would we be without them? 

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Who can attend a sample class?

If you are in high school, you're welcome to attend a sample class!

Is there a fee?

No! The sample class is free

Is it in person?

All sample classes are virtual at this time. You will receive a Zoom link when you register.

Can I attend more than one class?

Yes! Attend any/all that you would like!

How long is the sample class?

Each class is approximately 1 hour. 

How do I register?

Just click the class you're interested in on the menu above. At the bottom of the drop-down description, you will see a link to register. You will receive a confirmation email and Zoom link for the class. 

What if I have additional questions?


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