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Sample Classes for Prospective Students

Get to know Geneseo from home by attending one, two, or all of the sample classes offered. The classes are free, hosted on Zoom, and approximately 1 hour in length. See you soon!

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Spring 2021 Sample Classes

Thurs, March 25: 4:00-5:00pm: What is Abnormal?: Mood States versus Mood Disorders

In this lecture, Professor Whitney Brown will define abnormality and differentiate between normative mood changes, mood episodes, and mood disorders. Specifically, She will discuss sadness/depression and happiness/mania.

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Thurs, April 1: 5:30-6:30pm: Innovation and Change in the Covid Era

This class will examine how businesses have innovated during the pandemic and how it is positioning them for future growth. Covid forced businesses to adapt and change in order to survive. The class will include students and alumni.

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Fri, April 2: 4:30-5:30pm: Geneseo Chemistry Approach of Investigating COVID-19

Dr. Yokoyama and his research group recently published their work on the spike-protein related to COVID-19. This approach uses the surface of very small gold particles to cause a "molecular dance" of the spike-protein. It allowed the team to study the details of how COVID-19 is initiated. The methodology used in this study was developed at Geneseo, and was also applied to studies about the proteins causing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. This lecture will explain how chemistry plays a key role in understanding viruses and the origin of neurodegenerative diseases. 

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Thurs, April 8: 6:30-7:30pm: One Half Gallon of Bacteria

Whether you like it or not, you are host to billions of bacteria that live in and on your body. Your skin, mouth, intestines, and the insides of your own cells provide unique environments to keep bacteria alive. But, what if those bacteria are the ones keeping you alive? In this lecture, Dr. Rob Feissner from the Biology Department invites you (and your bacteria) to learn about the fascinating world of prokaryotes; What are they, what do they do, and where would we be without them?

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Mon, April 12: 6:30-7:30pm: Paris: From Roman Times To The Present

This class will present an overview of the history of Paris, focusing on major moments in the evolution of the city from its early days as a Celtic, then Roman, settlement to the present-day City of Light. (No knowledge of French required for this session.)

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Wed, April 14: 7:00-8:00pm: From Plessy to Brown: Civil Rights and the Constitution 

This class will examine the foundations of Civil Rights law in America by examining two of the most important Supreme Court cases in American history: Plessy v. Ferguson, which upheld the constitutionality of government discrimination on the basis of race, and Brown v. Board of Education, which overturned it. By contrasting the opinions in those two cases—including Justice Harlan’s memorable Plessy dissent—we will attempt to discover what the Constitution means when it promises us “the equal protection of the laws."  

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