Transfer Credit Information

Geneseo will accept up to 60 credits from two-year colleges, up to 90 credits from four-year schools, and up to 45 credit hours from college coursework taken in high school through an accredited college or university.

You may receive up to 30 credits for non-liberal arts courses for which Geneseo has no equivalent, such as technical subjects and courses in human services.

No matter how many credits you have, you must take at least 30 credits at Geneseo and meet all of the requirements for the bachelor's degree.

Current Students

If you're a current Geneseo student looking for information about transferring credit from another institution, please see the Dean's Office page about transferring college credit.

Course Equivalency

For transfer credit information about specific courses from your college/university, feel free to visit the Course Equivalency Databank. For major-specific information, including program requirements and an outline/advising guide, view the Geneseo Bulletin.

Transfer Students

student orientationYou are considered a transfer student at Geneseo if you have completed any college credit after high school graduation. If you have taken college courses before high school graduation — regardless of the number of credit hours — you are considered a freshman with advanced standing. First-year (freshman) applicants should visit how to apply to Geneseo as a first-year student.

At any point in the process, our transfer coordinator (Justine Rumbel) will be happy to discuss transfer credit with you, or you can contact the Office of Admissions directly at 1-866-245-5211 or

AP/IB Transfer Credit

Geneseo awards up to 30 credit hours for examinations such as the Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB). While each academic department determines the minimum test score required for academic credit in a particular subject, three hours of elective credit are guaranteed for general elective courses with scores of three or above for AP courses, and four and above for IB courses.

Official transcripts or reports of your scores must be sent to the Geneseo Admissions Office to receive credit. At your request, Geneseo will send you an estimate of transfer credit; an official evaluation will be available when you register for classes.

Please note: If you are taking a combination of college coursework and AP/IB/CLEP in high school, the maximum number of transfer credits is 45; of this total, a maximum of 30 credits can be AP/IB/CLEP. CLEP tests must be completed prior to matriculation at the college.

Please see the complete listing of AP/IB course equivalents for more information.