Geneseo Storyteller: Humayun Lone '81

Humayun Lone '81

I came to the US from Pakistan in 1980. Three of my university colleague librarians back home had graduated from SUNY Geneseo. Upon their suggestion, I came to SUNY Geneseo for a master's degree in library and information science. They told me the SUNY Geneseo School of Library and Information was amongst the best in the US. The school is located in a rustic, serene environment away from populated areas. A good chunk of the student community hailed from diverse ethnic and geographical backgrounds. Bustling and vibrant campus environments added more fun to an already excellent learning atmosphere. The contents of every course I took were very good and taught by very competent professors like Dr. Kaldor, Dr. Winkleman, and Dr. Hildenbrand, just to name a few. I especially enjoyed Dr. Kaldor's courses that had some science-related content. That actually spurred my interest in computer science. As a result, after graduation, I pursued a master's degree in computer science in New Jersey and joined the IT field after graduation. At Geneseo, I made a couple of good friends, especially amongst my classmates. One of them was Chung-Hei Hwang, who turned out to be my future wife. Her beautiful character and study habits were very impressive. We both graduated in 1981, and we married in 1982. After graduation, she worked as a librarian in a university library in New Jersey. We both retired in 2018, and we are enjoying our retirement years in a nice community in sunny Los Angeles, California. Whenever we can, we visit Geneseo to revisit those sweet and beautiful memories of the past.