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Student Success

We believe that the Biochemistry program at Geneseo is truly special.  On national assessment exams, our graduates perform well and several students have scored in the 90th percentile or above.  Our graduates routinely sought-after by graduate schools and employers. We believe that Geneseo students do well partly because of the interaction Geneseo students have with professors and with each other. Participants take many classes together and study together in the Biology and Chemistry buildings, so a great deal of camaraderie develops among the biochemistry majors. The atmosphere is very supportive. Another plus is that the students work with faculty on their own research projects. Students obtain hands-on experience with sophisticated equipment, much of which is usually found only in graduate school, and they are encouraged to present their work at local or national meetings/symposia.

Here are some of the programs graduates have gone to in the past few years:

  • Monroe County Crime Laboratory (forensics employment)
  • Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (Biotech employment)
  • SUNY Buffalo (M.D.)
  • SUNY Upstate (M.D. and M.D./Ph.D.)
  • Virginia Tech (M.D.)
  • The Ohio State University (M.S.)
  • The University at Buffalo (PharmD)
  • Boston College (Ph.D.)
  • Cornell University (Ph.D.)
  • Johns Hopkins University (Ph.D)
  • Rockefeller University (Ph.D.)
  • The University of Chicago (Ph.D.)
  • The University of Rochester (Ph.D.)
  • The University of Texas AM (Ph.D.)
  • The University of Washington (Ph.D.)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D., biochemistry)
  • Yale University (Ph.D., neuroscience)