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Research Opportunities

Many of our students are actively engaged in research projects in the Biology and Chemistry Departments.  A few examples of the student research projects are:

  • genetic mechanisms of retinal development and regeneration in zebrafish (Dr. Bailey)
  • the compound resveratrol in grape juice and wine (Dr. Boiani)
  • gene comparisons in Antarctic sea stars (Dr. Bosch)
  • grape-ripening genes in New York State grapes (Dr. Chang)
  • genetics of the biosynthetic pathway for the biosynthesis of lycopene in the plant Elaeagnus umbellata (Dr. Helms)
  • synthesis of biologically active molecules using green chemistry (Dr. Helms)
  • the molecular basis of movement in green algae (Dr. Hoops)
  • genetic analysis of sexual development in the fungus Neurospora crassa (Dr. Hutchison)
  • chromosome organization in the giant bacterium Epulopiscium sp. type B (Dr. Hutchison)
  • the mechanism of anti-atherosclerosis drugs (Dr. Johnson)
  • mechanism by which small molecules such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons bind to DNA (Dr. McKnight)
  • the presence and function of modified bases in DNA and RNA (Dr. Militello)
  • bioinformatics - study of mitochondrial DNA sequences (Dr. Pogozelski)
  • design and testing DNA strands for use in biomolecular computing and nanotechnology (Dr. Pogozelski)
  • real-time PCR quantification of mitochondrial DNA deletions in the disease Pearson's Syndrome (Dr. Pogozelski)
  • DNA damage induced by radiation (Dr. Pogozelski and Dr. O'Donnell)
  • molecular and Biological functions of Selfish Genetic Elements (SGEs) and novel genes (Dr. Reinhardt)
  • how proteins fold (Dr. Yokoyama)
  • Alzheimers's disease (Dr. Yokoyama)