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Working in the Biology Department 


  • You must have been assigned to our department as a Work Study student by the Financial Aid Office, or hired by one of our faculty and approved by the Biology Chair.
  • Students must be currently registered as a full-time student (12 hours minimum) at SUNY Geneseo in order to be eligible.  
  • Students may not work over 20 hours biweekly.
  • Students must complete the I-9 verification process in the Payroll Office, Doty Hall 318, BEFORE they may begin work, be appointed, or have time sheets processed. Payroll will require two original forms of ID; no copies; no faxes. This is a Federal law. If you begin before this process is complete, you are volunteering your services.
  • Students must see the Office Assistant in ISC 332, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-Noon the first week of every semester, in order to complete an appointment form, tax forms, etc.  Your time sheets will not be processed unless this has already been completed.
  • Hired student employees must submit their time sheet online seeking their supervisor's approval before the bi-weekly student payroll deadline.
  • It will be a minimum of four weeks before you receive your first paycheck.  Paystubs (direct deposit) may be picked up in the Biology Office, ISC332.  We strongly encourage direct deposit may be completed by going to the Payroll Office, Doty Hall 318.  You must complete a reactivation form for any subsequent semesters that you work.  Actual live paychecks must be picked up in Payroll, Doty Hall 318 and you must show your ID card.

Work Study students are assigned to faculty/staff in the Fall semester.  Late applications to the Financial Aid Office will delay your assignment and start date with us.  Work Study assignments within our department vary and may include washing glassware, watering plants, copying, filing, etc.  Returning work study students generally are reassigned to their previous supervisor unless they are on sabbatical, etc.  

Temp Serv students are hired on an as needed basis dependent upon departmental funding and the NYS budget.  Students are sought by faculty to serve as graders, tutors, lab assistants, etc.  Included in the Temp Service budget are ULIs and ULAs which are sought for the fall and spring semester to serve as Undergraduate Lab Instructors and Lab Assistants in BIOL 104, BIOL 106, and BIOL 116.  ULI positions receive pay and/or Directed Study credit.  ULA positions receive Directed Study credit only and may be given preference when applying to be a ULI in the future.  ULIs must be able to attend weekly prep meetings late Monday afternoon/evening.  Announcements and applications will be made available under the 'Forms' option once registration begins each semester.