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Internship Requirements

Academic Internship Process

Admission and Registration Requirements and Procedures:

1)      Applicants must be admitted to the School of Business and be of junior or senior status.

2)      Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.85 and 3.00 in the major.

3)      Applicants should consult with the Director of Interns prior to beginning the registration process. (Either via
         email or in person during office hours in 102 South Hall        

4)      After consulting with the Director of Interns for the School of Business the applicant needs to log on to KNIGHT JOBS and create a new
         internship agreement.

  1. Note if you are applying for an internship that was posted in Knight Jobs you will be able to use the information for that internship.
  2. If not you can create a new internship agreement

5)      The agreement is a contract between you, your sponsor and the School. Some of the input is self-explanatory.

     1.  Internships that are requested to be conducted at a relative's business or that are supervised by a relative must receive special permission
          from the Director of Student  Services.  Approval is up to the Director's discretion.

6)      There are a number of drop down boxes to complete the form that should be followed.

7)      The student should utilize the internship semester entitled “School of Business XXX with XXX being the semester you are registering for.

8)      Job title should be selected from the following

  1. Accounting/Audit/Tax Intern
  2. Finance Intern
  3. Marketing/Sales Intern
  4. Management Intern

9)      Intern Job Description – this section should be completed with the sponsor and identify specifically what the intern will be doing and the
         expectations of the intern. These should be as detailed and specific as possible so you can be fairly evaluated and measure you own
         progress. Descriptions that are too vague or general will be rejected.

10)   Internship Type – select Departmental Credit

11)   Academic major – select School of Business

12)   Course Prefix – select from the following:

  1. ACCT
  2. ECON
  3. MGMT
  4. FNCE (Finance)
  5. MKTG (Marketing)
  6. INTD (must be approved in advance)

13)   Course Number – select 395

14)   Credits requested – enter amount of credit you wish to earn – 1 academic credit requires a minimum of 40 hours of sponsor work.
        So 3 credits equals a minimum of 120 hours. Please do not enroll for more than 6 academic credits with permission of the Director
        of School of Business Interns.

15)   Learning objectives – enter at least 5 – you should include two specific to the skills of the internship and three other skills.

16)   Once you complete the form and submit, it is electronically submitted to your employer and once it is approved by them it is returned
        to the Director of School of Business Interns for final approval. Once it is approved it goes directly to the Registrar.

17)   You are not officially registered until it appears in Knight Web. You may follow the process on Knight Jobs to see where you may need to follow up.

18)   Any questions should be directed to Robert Boyd