Mission and Vision

Geneseo School of Business: Mission and Vision

The School of Business at SUNY Geneseo is committed to the highest quality in business education within the context of a strong liberal arts tradition. We offer baccalaureate programs in accounting, business administration, and economics as well as a master’s in accounting program that serves students preparing  for CPA licensure. 

Students acquire strong quantitative, analytical, and communication skills while preparing for professional  success as socially responsible individuals in today’s complex business environment. We strive for teaching excellence and recognize that  high-quality faculty scholarship and professional activities advance the impact we have on practice,  pedagogy, and our knowledge of business.

The School of Business is distinguished by the quality of its students, a robust professional development  program, and a rich array of activities that engage students, faculty, alumni, and business leaders in the  educational process. 

In support of our mission, we value service to the School, University, and the state of New York, as well as  to our professional and academic communities. 

Our Educational Philosophy

To achieve our vision and mission, we focus on providing students with rigorous, high-quality degree  programs that offer an integrated combination of knowledge, skills and professional orientation. We do  this by creating a student-centered learning environment inside and outside of the classroom, with special  emphasis on experiential-learning opportunities, project-based applications, and co-curricular activities.  While faculty are central to the education process, we provide extensive opportunity for students to learn  from and connect with successful alumni and business professionals. 

We work to make explicit the connection between the liberal arts and business disciplines. We believe  that the liberal arts core of the Geneseo education combined with our curriculum provides the broad  foundation that will lead our students to develop sound business judgment and effective problem-solving  skills.

Our program and learning experiences are designed to ensure that our students leave Geneseo with:

1.  A thorough grounding in business principles, tools and best practices. 
2.  Competence in the analytical, quantitative, and communication skills necessary to succeed in the business world of today and tomorrow. Specifically, our students will:
     a.  Demonstrate strong analytical-thinking skills and the ability to apply critical reasoning to solve complex, unstructured problems.
  Demonstrate strong quantitative-reasoning skills by generating and interpreting useful information, derived from data, through the application of             appropriate statistical models and quantitative techniques. 
     c.  Demonstrate strong written and oral-communication skills by expressing and/or presenting information and ideas clearly and persuasively.  

3. The confidence to make a successful transition between the academic and professional world.  a. The professional development requirement ensures that all students graduate with solid job search skills and an exposure to the professional expectations and standards which promote career success. 

Our Core Values
     As colleagues we deeply value

  • A student centered, active-learning approach to pedagogy
  • A graduating student cohort that is academically well-prepared and professionally motivated
  • Communication and engagement with our stakeholders
  • Scholarship which informs practice and enlivens teaching
  • A commitment to continuous faculty development