Geneseo School of Business: Mission, Vision and Value Statements


We aspire to be the premier School of Business in a public liberal arts college setting by providing distinctive, holistic education that cultivates exceptional, purposeful, and creative problem solvers. 


The School of Business at SUNY Geneseo is committed to exceptional business and economics education within the context of a strong liberal arts tradition. The School is distinguished by a uniquely accomplished and dedicated faculty, motivated and capable students, a robust professional development program, and the engaged support of alumni, employers, and business leaders. Students acquire strong quantitative, analytical, and communication skills while preparing for professional success as socially conscious contributors.  We strive for teaching excellence, and we recognize that high-quality faculty scholarship and professional activities increase our impact on knowledge, practice, and pedagogy.



  • We foster excellence in our learners and aim for the highest standards in academic achievements, personal growth, and career development.
  • We commit to outstanding teaching, research, and continuous professional development that advances discipline-based, applied, and pedagogical knowledge in business.
  • We develop graduates who excel in their professional fields and generate a positive impact on business and society.


  • We create an inclusive learning environment built on a shared core value of academic rigor and excellence for diverse learners to reach their full potential.
  • We respect and appreciate the diverse perspectives and capabilities of every colleague and strive to build consensus in our decisions.
  • We build a community of care, belonging, and mutual support within which each member can continuously grow and thrive.


  • We foster an authentic and ethical culture in our learners that transcends academic success into a long-lasting professional reputation. 
  • We adhere to high ethical standards in our teaching, research, and professional conduct built on the foundation of truthfulness, responsibility, and accountability.
  • We seek to recognize, encourage, and uphold what is ethical, fair, and honest and pursue consistency between beliefs, decisions, and actions.


  • We develop and strengthen learners' knowledge and skills in collaboration and teamwork.
  • We pursue shared goals and cooperative outcomes, built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.
  • We build strong partnerships with parents, employers, alumni, community, and other stakeholders who share a vital interest in the success of our institution.


  • We encourage learners to be proactive and take initiative in their academic and extracurricular pursuits to become the next generation of leaders.
  • We lead by example and inspire, influence, and guide learners to contribute to their profession and communities.
  • We lead in our pursuit of excellence by upholding integrity, promoting collaboration, and fostering belonging.

Adopted by School of Business faculty & staff on February 5, 2024.