Ken (Lee-Hsien) Pan

Associate Professor, Finance
115B2 South Hall
(585) 245-5167
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  • ECON 205: Business and Econ Statistics

    A survey of the basic statistical tools used in management decision-making and data analysis. Major topics include data organization and presentation, a review of probability concepts, sampling and sampling distributions, statistical estimation and hypothesis testing, and correlation and regression analysis. The course also emphasizes applications of statistical techniques, the use of computerized statistical packages and ethical issues in statistical analysis.

  • FNCE 311: Managerial Finance

    A study of basic financial management principles and techniques. Specific topics covered include the national and global financial environments, ethical and legal compliance issues, financial decision-making, valuation and analysis techniques, and asset management.

  • FNCE 312: Corporate Finance

    A study of corporate financial management techniques. Specific topics covered include working capital and customer credit decisions, risk management and insurance, leasing, cash flows and capital budgeting, capital structure, dividend policy, and mergers/acquisitions/LBOs.