Léonie Stone

Assistant Professor of Economics School Of Business
South Hall 115B1

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  • B.B.Ad., M.A., Wichita State University

  • Ph.D. Ohio State University 1992


  • Eastern Economics Association

  • New York State Economics Association

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Research Interests

Dr. Stone's research interests are in the areas of the Federal Reserve System, monetary policy, U.S. intra-industry trade, and responsiveness of CPI measures to income fluctuations.

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  • ECON 112: Introductory Macroeconomics

    A survey introduction to macroeconomics with emphasis on the concepts of national income accounting, consumption, investment, money and banking, and income determination. Attention is given to the problems of employment, price stability, growth, and international economic policy.

  • ECON 210: Intermed Microeconomic Theory

    A study of the theories of price and production in markets for goods and factors under various market structures. Emphasis is given to indifference analysis and to strategic models of oligopoly and monopolistic competition.

  • ECON 365: International Macroeconomics

    A study of the macroeconomic and monetary aspects of international economics, with attention to international accounting systems and the balance of payments, foreign exchange markets, international monetary systems and macroeconomic adjustment, and monetary, fiscal, and exchange rate policies in open economies. Prerequisites: ECON 212 and junior standing. Restricted to School of Business majors. Others may seek permission from the School of Business. Offered every year.