Léonie Stone

Assistant Professor of Economics School Of Business
South Hall 115B1

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  • B.B.Ad., M.A., Wichita State University

  • Ph.D. Ohio State University 1992


  • Eastern Economics Association

  • New York State Economics Association

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Research Interests

Dr. Stone's research interests are in the areas of the Federal Reserve System, monetary policy, U.S. intra-industry trade, and responsiveness of CPI measures to income fluctuations.

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  • ECON 112: Introductory Macroeconomics

    A survey introduction to macroeconomics with emphasis on the concepts of national income accounting, consumption, investment, money and banking, and income determination. Attention is given to the problems of employment, price stability, growth, and international economic policy.

  • ECON 205: Business and Econ Statistics

    A survey of the basic statistical tools used in management decision-making and data analysis. Major topics include data organization and presentation, a review of probability concepts, sampling and sampling distributions, statistical estimation and hypothesis testing, and correlation and regression analysis. The course also emphasizes applications of statistical techniques, the use of computerized statistical packages and ethical issues in statistical analysis.

  • ECON 325: Money&Financial Intermediation

    A study of monetary theory and the processes of financial intermediation. Emphasis is given to the theory of money, interest rates, types of financial intermediaries, central banking, and public control of financial intermediation and markets.