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Gluten-friendly Dining

Menu Philosophy

Gluten-friendly options are abundant on the SUNY Geneseo campus. Our menus consist of a mix of naturally gluten-friendly items and specialty gluten-friendly products, such as breads, bagels, and snacks. Our Nutrition & Wellness Coordinator works with the culinary team to identify foods and ingredients that are naturally gluten-friendly, such as quinoa and brown rice, as well as gluten-friendly ingredient alternatives, such gluten-friendly soup bases, tamari, pasta sauces, such as vodka sauce, and other gluten-friendly ingredients. In addition, many of the food concepts within our on-campus restaurants are made to order, allowing you to choose the ingredient components within your dish and tailor the dish to your personal preference as well as to your dietary needs. This provides you the greatest possible amount of variety. 

Menu Labeling

All gluten-friendly menu items are clearly labeled with a "GF" symbol so that you can quickly and easily identify which foods fit your needs. The label can be found on the online menus, at the point of sale, and on all pre-packaged grab and go foods.

Gluten-Friendly Kitchen

Food Studio North, located inside of the newly renovated Letchworth Dining Complex, houses Kasha Gluten-friendly Kitchen. Kasha is a separate kitchen with its own cookware, utensils and equipment. Only gluten-friendly menu items are prepared at the Kasha station, so anyone who chooses Kasha will be eating a gluten-friendly meal.

Gluten-Friendly Options in Restaurants & Cafes

While Kasha is the only all gluten-friendly station on campus, students will still have the option to choose from an array of gluten-friendly options available at other campus restaurants and cafes. At these locations, students should tell the server which gluten-friendly option they would like to order. Staff will then use a "purple kit" for gluten-friendly food preparation. The purple kit contains a purple cutting board, knife, tongs and other utensils that are designated gluten-friendly and provides a barrier to other menu items that may contain gluten. Staff will also change gloves to avoid cross-contact with gluten and the gluten-friendly dish. Students should also feel comfortable asking the server to take any other cross-contamination precautions that would make them feel more comfortable, including asking for a manager to prepare the dish. 

Staff Awareness and Training

The staff at CAS is extremely dedicated to safe gluten-free food handling. Gluten-friendly training is structured throughout the academic year to ensure that staff is educated in how to prepare gluten-friendly foods and how to best serve our gluten-friendly customers.

Commercial Kitchen Disclaimer

The disclaimer describes the nature of CAS dining operations as a commercial kitchen:

CAS makes every effort to accommodate the various dietary requirements of our customers and handles food allergies seriously. Please be advised that our menu items may contain allergens, and due to food preparation in a commercial kitchen, there is always some risk of cross-contact of allergens and gluten. In addition, food manufacturers may change their product formulation or manner of processing without our knowledge. While CAS is committed to making every effort to minimize cross-contact risks, customers with concerns need to be aware of these risks and always be prepared in the event of adverse reaction. CAS works one-one-one with students with dietary restrictions to minimize adverse reactions. Students with concerns should contact Nutrition & Wellness Coordinator, Heather Carrera at (585)245-5569 or  The Nutrition & Wellness Coordinator, student, and appropriate culinary staff can develop a comprehensive plan for students with dietary restrictions. Students should notify SUNY Geneseo Health Services at Lauderdale Health Center of dietary restrictions, medications, and provide appropriate documentation. Any nutrition facts provided are approximations only. Ingredient and nutrition content of foods may vary and should not be used alone as a guide for safe consumption. 


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