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Vegan and Vegetarian Dining

Geneseo is home-away-from-home to a diverse student population, among which many choose a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.  Geneseo offers vegan and vegetarian dining options that are similar to items you would eat at home or at a restaurant.  You will find a variety of healthy non-meat proteins including tofu, black beans, Gardein brand chick'n, quinoa, chick peas, hummus, edamame, portabella mushrooms, lentils and more. 

Many restaurants and cafes on campus offer build-your-own options that are highly customizable allowing students to create a variety of delicious vegan or vegetarian meals.  These stations include, but are not limited to, pasta, salads, rice noodle bowls, sandwiches and grill items. We also have a dedicated vegetarian and vegan station in Red Jacket Dining Hall. 

On all of our menus, vegan items are designated with with the letters "VG" and vegetarian items are designated with the letters "VT".  Menus may vary daily and can be viewed online.

Heart-healthy fats, whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables are all integral parts of a well-balanced diet. A healthy vegetarian or vegan diet, like any healthy diet, should be based primarily on whole, unprocessed food to satisfy most nutrient requirements. A vegan or vegetarian diet that is high in fruits and vegetables may even prevent chronic illness. If you are concerned about meeting your nutrient requirements as a vegan or vegetarian, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with the Nutrition and Wellness Coordinator.




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