Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards

Geneseo has a robust scholarship program for its students. Additional College scholarships available only to Geneseo Chemistry and Biochemistry majors also exist. These scholarships are managed through the Geneseo Scholarship system and generously supported by the family, friends, and alumni of the Geneseo Chemistry Department.

American Chemical Society Outstanding Senior Award 

The ACS Rochester Section Award is given to senior chemistry major, who excels in chemistry, is active in research or other scholarly work, and exemplifies the values of the American Chemical Society. It is the highest award given to a senior Chemistry major, and the recipient is honored on a permanent plaque in the Chemistry Department. 

ACS Rochester Section Award 

2024 - Elizabeth Klosko
2023 - Rachel Hirschkind
2022 - Emily Benton
2021 - Paul Padgett
2020 - Ryan Kosko
2019 - Luke Holtzman
2018 - Kyle Power
2017 - Brittany Abraham

2016 - Dominic Morrell
2015 - Minxuan Yuan
2014 - Carolyn Levinn
2013 - James Sincebaugh
2012 - Lauren Healy
2011 - James Bates
2010 - Wanda Lam
2009 - Katie Braymiller
2008 - Dennis Buckley

2007 - Matthew Cain
2006 - Lindsay Sperling
2005 - Sara Villani
2004 - Bennett Streit
2003 - Kevin Schultz
2002 - Julie Sullivan

Dr. Charles Miskell Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Charles Miskell was a Professor in the Geneseo Chemistry Department from 1956-1985. A highly respected chemistry teacher, Dr. Miskell was also known for his active involvement in campus and community life. This scholarship is awarded to a student who is a Chemistry major, demonstrates academic excellence, and involvement in campus life. The Miskell Memorial Scholarship is the highest award given to a returning student

Miskell Memorial Scholarship Awardees

2024 - 
2023 - Trevor Bollinger
2022 - Maddy Hymowitz
2021 -
2020 -
2019 -

Dr. James K. and Arleen N. Somerville Scholarship

Arleen Somerville was a chemistry librarian at the University of Rochester and a pioneer in the field of chemical information. Her husband Jim was a long-time history professor at Geneseo. They established the Somerville Scholarship to encourage and support an outstanding sophomore chemistry major.

Sommerville Scholarship Awardees

2024 - 
2023 - Ryan Hill
2022 - Emily Rennells
2021 -
2020 -
2019 -

Dr. Paul Neureiter Memorial for Women Science Majors Scholarship

Dr. Paul Neureiter was a Geneseo Professor, who came to the college in 1937. He was the head of ‘mathematics and natural science’ Department and he established Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geological Science Departments. The Neureiter Memorial Scholarship was established by the family and friends of Dr. Neureiter and is given to a woman chemistry major who is outstanding and exemplifies the values of a liberal arts education.

Neureiter Women Science Majors Scholarship Awardees

2024 - 
2023 - Maddy Hymowitz
2022 - Emily Fitzpatrick

Dr. Bhairav Joshi Service Award

Dr. Joshi was a faculty member in the Chemistry Department from 1970-2001. One of his legacies was the establishment of the Seminar Program in the Department and he’s remembered for helping build the ‘community’ of the Department. Established to honor his legacy, the Joshi Award is given to a student who is an active participant in Department life and exemplifies our community values.

Joshi Award Awardees

2024 - Marshall Testa
2023 - Amber Wright
2022 - Theresa Lam
2021 - 

ACS Undergraduate Division Awards

The American Chemical Society sponsors annual Undergraduate Awards in five areas, analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. The awards recognize a chemistry or biochemistry major who has demonstrated excellence in particular subjected based on a combination of research experience, coursework and a desire to pursue a career in chemistry.

ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

2024 - Trevor Bollinger
2023 - Marshall Testa
2022 - Chandler Matteson

ACS Undergraduate Award in Biochemistry or Biological Chemistry

2024 - Maggie Hintz
2023 - Jackie Maloney
2022 - 

ACS Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

2024 - Emily Fitzpatrick
2023 - Brian Murphy
2022 - 

ACS Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

2024 - Kyle Mele
2023 - Emily Fitzpatrick
2022 - 

ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry

2024 - Maddy Hymowitz
2023 - Joshua Edelbach
2022 - 

Research Fellowships

The Chemistry Dept Alumni Summer Research Fellowship programs provide 8-week, on-campus, paid research opportunities for Geneseo Chemistry and Biochemistry students. The Fellowships provide a stipend and enable students to work with Chemistry faculty on a cutting edge research project. The Fellowships are funded by the generous support of Geneseo Chemistry alumni, including Dr. Kenny Lipkowtiz and Dr. Gerry Rhodes.

The College provides support for students applying to over 20 different research fellowships at both the undergraduate and graduate level. For more information about fellowships, and scholarships, please contact Dr. Michael Mills, SUNY Geneseo Director of National Scholarships and Fellowships, or visit his office in Erwin 116

The following sites dedicated to scholarships and fellowships will allow you to narrow your search by interest area and/or major: